Nose wheeling down rock faces is pretty rad, but doing it with a buddy is way more fun!!! Life is better when shared with people you like 😊🤘.
📷 by @tristan_merrick 
Buddy 🚴 @dylanwolsky 
Good bye amazing October, You’ve been freaking rad and you put a big smile on our faces every single day, we will miss you lots ❤️.
Hello November, please be like October, just be yourself, go for it and amaze us your way, w
This is #tutotuesday hahaaaaaaa!!
How to use the terrain to learn new ways to corner??
In that case there is a bumb before a left corner followed by a righ corner.
Step 1: get full gaz into those corners.
Step 2: when you get your front
What to say about today’s ride... well WOW WOUAAAAAAAAAAAH AND WOUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH hahaaa!!!! I still can’t believe these colors, this weather, the trails, my bike.... everything is there to put a big smile on our faces right
Still riding flats, and damn Daniel it’s pretty fun!! When it’s fun, it’s good, when it’s good, it makes me want to shred harder and try new things, and Riding bikes is all about that right ??!! 😁🤘.
Opened (or reopened) a new entry in “the shoot” of Cop Killer in Pemby today, Pretty loose sketchy and rowdy but it worked out all right haha 😊.
This weather is so awesome and the trails are 👌,
Today we did the first ever bike and shoot kinda day.. we were 3 bike riders, 3 camera owners, riding and shooting each other, talking shit, doing some good actions on some cool features, having a great time 😊. If you too you hav
When 20 of the best riders in the world are sending building size jumps in the desert for RedBull Rampage, me on the other end, I had to go do my lactate threshold test today at @peakcentrevan under the order of @katrinastrand #strandtranin
When I shoot with @robinoneill I can be sure that some of her work will end up in some magazines !! Thanks for the always rad time Robin, it’s a pleasure to spend some time in the forest with you 😊.
Super stoked to have thi
This is #tutotuesday hahaaaaaaaaa!!
How to ride one of the most beautiful trail in the world???
Step 1: go to Saturna Island 
Step 2: find that trail
PS: there isn’t anything on trail fork or whatsoever, so you’ll have to do s
it’s Saturday and it’s pissing rain so here is a little #zoomin for us mountainbike nerds 🤓!!
I put a @superalloyracing spring on my @rockshox Super Deluxe Coil RT remote, these springs are as light as titanium ones an
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