The art of the freestyle.
@blackthought and @methodmanofficial on @swayinthemorning 
The look on @realsway face says it all.
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What’s your favorite BlackThought Verse?
#blackthought #met
I AM A SLAVE [Verse 1: Black Thought]
I am a slave
Yes, I'm only a slave
They'll place my body in an unmarked grave
In these confederate days
It's kinda hard to lift every voice singing
While worrying about how low the sweet chariots
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From @Questlove on the 21st Anniversary of #illadelphhalflife:
"Sept 24, 1996 our 3rd album #illadelfhalflife was released. This was our, “We WILL not be ignored” album.
The day I read that @@@@1/2 review in @thesource  I crie
"You can't help it. An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times."
-Nina Simone

This week marks the 7th anniversary of @TheRoots @JohnLegend project, #WakeUp released September 21, 2010.

The WAKE UP album is a

Released on September 21, 2010.

The @JohnLegend @TheRoots collab was crowned winner of the 2010 @recordingacademy Grammy Award for Best R&B Album. 
The Wake Up album paid tribute to legends of the past and introduced new leg

Proceed to grab tix for when @TheRoots touch down in your town!

SEPT 23 @cayugasound ITHACA

SEPT 24 #concert4cville

OCT 17 Hip Hop Symphony (link in bio)

Now let's throw it back.
Do You Want More?

September 23, @TheRoots will have The Finger Lakes in a choke hold at @cayugasound 
Sept 24, The Legendary crew will hold court in Charlottesville, Va alongside @davematthewsband @pharrell @justintimberlake @chrisstapl
Tariq @blackthought Trotter on his #oneshot verse, "What I was speaking to in my verse is perseverance and the fact that as people we're all just walking stories. Each person has a different narrative, so to speak, and the people that you
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