#KarmisForever #blackjaguarwhitetiger
Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger The Adventures of Naropa and Princess. They've been together since day one. Princesa's mom is a Pitbull that we rescued pregnant from the street, she had 2 kids and one of them died within hours so I decided to re
Massages Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger #bjwtanimals #queenkarmabjwt @karmaisalioness
One of my favorites.  @karmaisalioness Karmaisalioness
Sharing a snack together. Via @suetoshi_farm #queenkarmabjwt @karmaisalioness
Love is Love. Via @alberttheturkey #queenkarmabjwt @karmaisalioness
Conversations with @ana_wolfgang
Her Royal Highness, Queen Karmita Via @blackjaguarwhitetiger The origin of the now world famous Chupa-Dedo. A tradition now protected by Lovey Dovey. This is my baby Karma. Look at those eyes. They were so bright that when they closed they
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