This video was taken a few moments after love woke up after his MRI. @blackjaguarwhitetiger was at his side whispering Lovey Dovey and telling him he loved him throughout the entire procedure. It was very tough getting him into the transpor
The best moment of my life. So happy this video was taken by my brother @blackjaguarwhitetiger so I can always look back and remind myself how lucky I am to be in the presence of such an incredible being.. #Ma-Tzu @blackjaguarwhitetiger #sa
That time that my brother @blackjaguarwhitetiger tried to introduce Beverly and Bradshaw to Kal.. As you can see he wasn't too excited to make any new friends. Eddie has tried countless times to merge Kal with multiple prides but with no su
How incredible is this male lion ?? Just by listening to his roar I can tell he is in the prime of his life. What an incredible display of power. For anyone who has never heard a lion roar in person it is honestly the most amazing thing I h
That one time @blackjaguarwhitetiger @eduardoserio went snow skiing to try and impress @lewishamilton 😂😂
This is my favorite hoodie that I own.. it has all my nieces and nephews names on it and I love showing them off to the world 🌎❤️ guys the foundation is growing so much and we can really use everyone's support.. if you
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