It’s been way too long since I’ve been back in the ol Disney Channel building.... 👍
No we are not running for office, however we are meeting 8,000 kids at USC in the district I used to go to school in! Love meeting the future. And I encourage you all to be the future NOW!
These Wizards of Waverly Place Halloween costumes are killin the game. Anyone else rocking #WOWP outfits haha? I think I’d make a great Justin this year. Although I feel a lot like Max most days. (Tip for my buddy Justin on the right t
For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also... my treasure is in your heart angel :)
Friends if you are of age please check out my good friend @actionforlife film #6below October 12th! I love films about survival, they always show me that life is beautiful and worth living... lemme know your thoughts!  #6BelowTheMovie #eric#6below #6BelowTheMovie
I don’t always contemplate truth at my home office... But when I do, I drink @fittea. #energy #ad
October 7th 2016... the day I proposed to my best friend... the best decision I’ve ever made! I know people downplay marriage and talk about it like it’s confining... lemme tell ya THEY COULDN’T BE MORE WRONG. Marriage is fre
My heart goes out to the families of those whom lost their lives. I am praying for you and for the souls of your loved ones... God help us.
My Godson is gonna be stoked to read this! Beautiful evening at @mariashriver home to celebrate @katherineschwarzenegger newest children's book "Maverick and Me"! Check it out y'all!
Myself and @lorenzohenrie had a blast spreading positivity on our friend @romadowney beautiful new website @lightworkers. Link in bio. Let us know what you think :)
This past weekend I had an absolute blast with the @baumeetmercier crew and @lorenzohenrie! Such a fantastic brand with great people I'm fortunate to call my friends.
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