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Five years ago today...
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GREEN PEAFOWL- Another reason to fight for this Planet...
PAVO REAL VERDE DE JAVA - Otra razón para luchar por el Planeta...
#BlackJaguarWhiteTiger #saveourplanet
Our winner of the second raffle @babbrocks getting some sugar from Lovey Dovey. It doesn’t get closer than that unless one goes to the Donald J. Trump Pool...
#BabyLoveBJWT @babbrocks
In case you want to see more of the kids...
@eduardoserio @eduardoserio
Lord Taz :)
#BabyTazBJWT #SaveJaguarundis
The largest male Siberian Tiger radio collared weighted 212 KG (467 pounds). Alcyone weighs 229.6 kg (506 pounds). I know, Chicken Necks suck, we’re all idiots here hahahha I Googled Siberian Tiger and this is the Wikipedia entry. And
Push ups will never be the same without Onix...
Las lagartijas nunca serán lo mismo sin Onix...
#OnixForever #blackjaguarwhitetiger
This video of Ayrton was viewed hundreds of millions of times when I first posted it...
#BabyAyrtonBJWT #SaveLions
I had the honor of paying my respects to President Kennedy at the Arlington Memorial Cemetery. I’ve always admired President Kennedy and whenever I listen to this speech, I get Goosebumps. Here’s the written version:
“In the
Dharma stalking Kal...
#Repost @blackjaguarwhitetiger
We received Kal El with a fractured leg so for 5 weeks he went from that pen to a Dog kennel, obviously now he is perfect, but during that time, Dharma kept stalkin
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