Warning : brothers and elephants in the mirror are closer than they appear. #srilanka 🐘 #traffic
At dawn this troop of monkeys emerged out of the jungle and decided to be part of our photoshoot, after a quick chat with their agent we agreed to their terms. I am happy to say that I have been formally accepted into their family and now l
Goofing off on set is my specialty #bts. Fun fact - once upon a time I use to be a magician, now I'm just a weird dude who walks around with cards in his pocket.
📸 by @rslack #fordmen
Safe to say we are summer ready at @bonobos. #SS17 #fordmen #bonobos #squad

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Peacocking#fordmen #bonobos #Repost
Match weekend celebrations at an outstanding wedding with some of the besties. #hoberthemoon #weddingsquad
Ten years ago I left Sri Lanka with a suitcase and a dream. Yesterday, I matched into my No.1 residency program. I could not possibly be any happier. A big thank you to everyone who has been a part this journey with me, you've all helped me
Looks like I'm going to be an ER doctor after all. #emergencyroom #resident #relief 😃😃😃#emergencyroom #resident #relief
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